Research projects in a variety of areas, including cell growth and differentiation, cancer, the innate immune response, liver disease, chromatin remodeling, intracellular trafficking processes, and then structure of proteins, ribosomes and viruses.

  • Molecular Recognition and Host-Pathogen Interactions

    We study cellular processes and pathogenic mechanisms against cancer cells, viruses, bacteria and prions. We understand the immune response against cancer cells and develop innovative technology to fight them. We elucidate the interaction processes of infectious microorganisms with mammalian cells to modulate response and achieve better treatments by biochemical, structural and cellular studies.

  • Metabolism and Cell Signaling in Disease

    We investigate metabolism and signaling implicated in prostate, liver and breast cancer. We elucidate pathways implicated in neurodegeneration, liver diseases, and several rare diseases. We also focus on identifying relevant molecular and cellular targets for a more precise medicine and to provide society with predictive and prognostic non-invasive biomarkers.