Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Platform


NMR is a most versatile, quantifiable, and non-destructive technique that allows to analyse a wealth of molecular properties with atomic resolution, such as their composition, structure, dynamics, reactions, size, aggregation, protonation, and interactions (where NMR can detect even the weakest binding, up to KD ≤ 10-2 M).

The NMR platform at CIC bioGUNE can provide services for almost all applications of solution state NMR thanks to its ample modern hardware and high-level expertise. Our particular capacities thereby include: biomolecular NMR with highest sensitivity and resolution (at 800 MHz), 19F NMR, automated metabolic studies and ligand screening, customised NMR method development.


The NMR platform at CIC bioGUNE houses five modern BRUKER spectrometers with complementary equipment to suit distinct needs:

  • 800 MHz AVANCE III for biomolecular NMR at highest sensitivity and resolution. Accessory:
    • 4 Channels: 1H, 2H, 13C, 15N
    • Probehead: cryo TCI (with z-gradient)
  • 600 MHz AVANCE III for multinuclear NMR beyond standard applications. Accessory:
    • 5 Channels: 1H/19F, 2H, 3 × X
    • Probeheads: TXI (normal or high salt), TBI (31P – 109Ag), QXI (19F or 31P), SEF
    • Specific 19F equipment
    • Automatic sample changer (SampleXpress)
  • 600 MHz AVANCE IIIHD (IVDr) for metabolic screening. Accessory:
    • 3 channels: 1H, 2H, X (BB-F)
    • Automatic sample changer (SampleJet)
    • Probehead: BBI (with z-gradient)
  • 600 MHz AVANCE NEO (IVDr) for metabolic screening. Accessory:
    • 4 Channels: 1H, 2H, X (BB-F), 13C or 31P
    • Automatic sample changer (SampleJet)
    • Probehead: BBI (with z-gradient)
  • 400 MHz AVANCE NEO (NanoBay) for synthesis/reaction control. Accessory:
    • 3 Channels: 1H, 2H, X (BB-F)
    • Automatic sample changer (SampleJet)
    • Probehead: iProbe BBFO (with z-gradient)

Service catalogue

Our wide range of customised NMR services (which may also be provided at the customer site) includes:

  • NMR metabolomics screening: for metabolomics profiling compliant with BRUKER IVDr SOPs.
  • NMR consulting: Define, Develop & Supervise NMR projects
  • NMR programming: Design, Optimise & Implement customised NMR experiments
  • NMR teaching & training: From beginner to expert levels
  • NMR measurements: Standard and Customised
  • NMR interaction studies: Hit validation, Automated small scale screening (≤ 4 samples / hour), Analysis of binding sites and modes.
  • NMR structure analysis: For small molecules, Accessible proteins and ligand-protein complexes (analysis of interactions for SAR-by-NMR)
  • NMR spectral assignment: For accessible target proteins (e.g., for use in NMR screening and hit validation).