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Art & Science

Throughout history, art and science have been two fundamental pillars of human expression and the pursuit of knowledge. However, they have often been viewed as independent fields with distinct approaches and purposes.

With this activity, CIC bioArte, we aim to break away from this traditional perception and embrace the idea that art and science not only share certain similarities but also complement and inspire each other.

While art is a human expression seeking to understand and represent the world around us, science explores and discovers the secrets of nature.

In this activity, participants engage in a multidisciplinary dialogue, bringing together scientists and aspiring artists to share their experiences, inspirations, and projects. Together, we explore the intertwining of art and science in the fabric of our culture and society, contributing to mutual enrichment and to the advancement of knowledge.

The main objective of CIC bioArte is to promote knowledge of the scientific method and research among art students. By providing them with direct contact with research practices, the project aims to foster creativity among students by allowing them to explore the intersection between art and science. With this synergy, we aim to strengthen the commitment to science, research, and creativity, generating a positive impact on our society and its progress towards a more innovative and understanding future.

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