CIC bioGUNE Bilbao | Outreach


The dissemination of our brand in society is carried out through various strategies, with a key focus on implementing diverse outreach activities.

Our main goal with these actions is to bring science closer to the general public, encouraging active participation in scientific advancements and emphasizing the crucial importance of investing in research for community progress and well-being. Additionally, our mission extends to disseminating the cutting-edge science conducted at CIC bioGUNE, transforming complex scientific concepts into accessible language to make them comprehensible to everyone.

Through our outreach initiatives, we strive to bridge the gap between intricate scientific research and public understanding, ensuring that, not only our key stakeholders, but also the broader community can appreciate and engage with the work developed at CIC bioGUNE. This commitment not only strengthens our connection with the community but also directly contributes to the promotion of scientific research for the general benefit.