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Podcast: BioEnredados

Welcome to our podcast BioEnredados: Uniendo Ciencia y Vida.

We are your gateway to the cutting-edge research in biosciences that is taking place at the heart of CICbioGUNE.

In each episode, we will immerse you in an exciting journey through the most innovative scientific and technological advances that are transforming our understanding of the biosciences, from basic chemistry to biology and medicine.

Our mission is clear: to bring you science in an accessible and exciting way. We aim to ignite your curiosity and nurture your interest in cutting-edge bioscientific research. Are you ready?

This podcast is a co-production of CIC bioGUNE and COPE Euskadi (Spanish Language).
You have the option to tune in to the podcast via the following links:

First Season:

  • 1. Ciencia o ciencia ficción: La IA en el horizonte científico (Spotify| Youtube)
  • 2. ¡Alerta hepática! Los secretos del hígado (Spotify| Youtube)
  • 3. ADN al descubierto: Descifrando nuestra herencia (Spotify| Youtube)
  • 4. De genes a mapas: Cartografía del cáncer (Spotify| Youtube)
  • 5. Más allá del plato: Cáncer y alimentación (Spotify| Youtube)
  • 6. Regreso al pasado: El poder de la edición genética (Spotify| Youtube)
  • 7. Los glicanos: El lado dulce de las infecciones (Spotify| Youtube)
  • 8. Entre el aire y la salud: El papel vital del Oxígeno (Spotify| Youtube)