We seriously take our duty to train and educate the next generation of talent, and provide them with the best set of expertise and skills to allow them to succeed in their future careers.

BioBridge Program

CIC bioGUNE strongly believes that innovation needs to be nourished from the very early stage of the scientific career. To this aim, we provide our researchers with the possibilities to develop their careers as leaders, leveraging their skills and innovative mindsets.

The BioBridge Program is an innovative program developed in partnership with Technological Centers in the Basque Country and in collaboration with Deusto Business School. The program provides PhD and MBA students a vehicle toward entrepreneurship through learn-by-doing methodology, at the intersection of Life Sciences, Engineering and Business.

Grants become available during the year (check Job Offers section) and the selected PhD student for this program will be immersed in the scientific discovery and validation of the technology to make it ready for translation to the society.

A strict collaboration with MBA students during the enrollment of the program allows PhD and MBA students to develop their leadership potential, analyze the technical and market feasibility of the project, and facilitate the transfer to market. For PhD students, the BioBridge initiative provides a fantastic opportunity to develop group management and strategic thinking skills within a real life Bio-Entrepreneurship project, and transform a scientific knowledge in impactful innovations.

  • “…this PhD program will definitely help me to develop different valuable skills, highly recommended to succeed in both leadership and creativity”. Carmen Fernández, BioBridge PhD Candidate

  • " allows me to understand how a scientific idea could be transformed to a commercialization opportunity!” Rubén Rodríguez, BioBridge PhD Candidate

InnoBerrIkasi – Innovation for Scientists

InnoBerrIkasi comprises a series of talks and workshops for our research staff, organized at CIC bioGUNE and framed within our Science and Innovation Advanced Training Program.

The training provides the introduction to modern business terminology, as well as practical workshops on bio-entrepreneurship. It aims at fostering the lab-to-market transition of scientific breakthroughs and talent.

The materials are delivered by professionals of the Life Science entrepreneurial ecosystem. InnoBerrIkasi consists of different topics spanning from technological development (Drug Development, IVD development), regulatory and legal issues, project management, pitching, funding strategies, valuation, and business development.

Tech Boost

Under the supervision of our business development personnel, this program facilitates the introduction of our scientific staff into the activities needed to boost an academic discovery toward impactful innovation.

We continuously screen for technologies with high exploitation values for society. Once an innovation or technological advance generated at CIC bioGUNE is identified, scientists are immersed in the development and evaluation of the idea and gin the eneration of models to allow commercialization.

In collaboration with International Business Schools, we prepare our staff to make technologies they develop available for society. For more information, please contact our Technology Transfer Manager.