The scientific and technical staff at the center is expert in providing solutions to a large variety complex scientific problems and questions raised from industry partners, encompassing the diverse number of disciplines and technologies widely used in life sciences and biomedical research. We also implement and develop state-of-the-art biotechnological tools and reagents for research through collaborations or service provision.

Structural determination and quantification of small molecules by RMN

Structural determination and quantification of small molecules by RMN

We are able to study structural determination of samples in solution, of unknown compounds and confirm their structures; ligand-protein complexes study: molecule-molecule interaction analysis, and determination of molecular weights based on diffusion coefficients (DOSY).

  • Small molecules: Structural determination, quantitation by NMR (Ana Poveda and Tammo). We also screen fragment and molecular libraries towards target receptors.

We are expert in the application of modern NMR methods to study the structure of small and medium size molecules in solution, including unknown compounds. Our expertise includes organic molecules, natural products, peptides, saccharides and nucleotides. Our available methodologies permit to deduce or confirm the chemical structures of isolated molecules and to determine the chemical composition of mixtures, as well as the quantification and determination of their molecular weights, based on diffusion coefficients (DOSY NMR). We are also experts in performing detailed ligand-receptor (proteins, nucleic acids) molecular recognition studies.

Single Particle quantitative analysis and 3D Electron

The most valuable single particle method based on CryoTEM. We are able to discriminate between EMPTY, FULL and semi-EMPTY particles (AAV, lentivirus, exosomes, nanoparticles) to be used as gene delivery system. The most advanced unsupervised methods of single particle quantitative and qualitative analysis on the market able to provide 3D reconstruction data of the gene delivery system of your choice.

The more advanced single particle quantitative analysis on the market, available at CIC bioGUNE Electron Microscopy Platform, is able to discriminate between empty, full-loaded and semi-empty particles to be used in gene therapy.

Our staff also provides a detailed set-up for your development process.

We are the best partner for set-up of your development process, and control of single particle production for pre-clinical and clinical applications.

Single Particle quantitative analysis and 3D Electron

Generation of Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

Generation of Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Production and Validation

We are able to produce and validate mouse monoclonal antibodies for ELISA, WB, IHC and FACTS analysis.

Immunohistochemistry Service

Our scientific staff able to process samples and generate tissue arrays, produce morphological staining and analyze more than 130 antibodies for immunohistochemistry.

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Quantitative Protein Identification

Structural determination and quantification of small molecules by RMN
  • Quantitative Peptide and Protein profiling, and Tissue MALDI Imaging (Proteomic Platform)

The Proteomics Platform at CIC bioGUNE is expert in obtaining the proteomic profiles from different sample types (urine, blood, tissue, cells, etc.) and provide the precise quantification of peptides for your R&D project and/or clinical purposes.

Experimental Design High Throughput Sequencing (HTS)

  • The Bioinformatics Unit at CIC bioGUNE is expert in the analysis of data obtained from different origins (proteomics, genomics, mRNseq, microbioma, etc.).

    The results are presented in a customized manner, depending on the requirements of the client.


In line with our spirit for solving challenges and fostering collaborations, we are always open to new those scientific and technical challenges that require advanced solutions. For specific needs of not listed technologies or services, please contact our Technology Transfer Manager or get in touch with Technology Platform and Facilities of your interest directly.