R&D Policy

The CIC bioGUNE R&D policy lays on fundamental pillars of Excellent Research in biosciences and Technology Transfer. Our activities are devoted to generation of knowledge and transfer of technologies to society and centered in specialization and excellence.
Our R&D activities follow central aspects like:
- High impact of research activities focused on ameliorating wealth of society and framed in the strategic research initiative devoted to the development of the Basque Country
- Creation and education of young scientific talent and promote career path to fulfill personal and professional development of talent
- Institutional cooperation at local, national and international level
- Internationalization and visibility of Center’s activities
- Promote the knowledge transfer to society and contribute to the economic development and competitiveness of biomedicine and biotechnology industry in the Basque Country
- Insure diffusion and outreach of scientific knowledge to the society and industry.
- Effective and transparent management of resources to fulfill funding agencies expectation and priorities in the Basque Country.

Política de I+D+i Full Spanish versión here.