CIC bioGUNE Bilbao | Equality | Research in Biosciences

The CIC bioGUNE Equality Commission has been established to promote and uphold the Gender Equality. The Commission is committed with:

  • Guarantee the principle of effective equality between women and men and non-discrimination in CIC bioGUNE. To do this, we monitor the commitments made in the Equality Plan in order to ensure that the actions proposed are carried out and that we can achieve effective equality between women and men in the center.
  • Detect needs not covered in the Equality Plan and/or measures that may be incorporated into future Equality Plans.
  • Being an informative and advisory organism on equality matters to CIC bioGUNE staff and management.
  • Collaborate at all levels to have a gender perspective in every action.

The strategy of the Equality Plan to reduce gender inequality is based in 5 pillars:

  • Gender balance at hiring
  • Support of gender diversity
  • Communication of gender balance policies
  • Repairing gender blindness
  • Monitoring gender balance Actions

Full Spanish Version of the Equality Plan here.