Corporate Compliance

CIC bioGUNE has developed and implemented a Compliance Program to promote an institutional and corporate culture of compliance, in order to achieve a responsible management in the development of the research activity, as well as a culture of integrity, honesty, transparency and respect for ethical norms and standards.

For this reason, CIC bioGUNE intends to show its absolute rejection of any irregular behaviour which could constitute a potential crime, whose prevention is the first aim of the Compliance Program.

Committed to good governance, under the principles of ethics and transparency, as well as to the proper management of community funds, we make available to any interested third party the Code of Ethics and Conduct and the Ethical Channel of CIC bioGUNE.


CIC bioGUNE Code of Ethics aims to establish the expected best practices of integrity, responsible and transparent behaviour of all CIC bioGUNE employees, while performing their everyday activities and in their professional relationships.

The Code aims to translate CIC bioGUNE’s corporate values and principles into desired behaviour, taking as a starting point the organisation’s culture and the Association’s commitment to ethics and transparency.

  • Code of Ethics and Conduct EN - ES


The Ethical Channel is the communication channel between CIC bioGUNE, its stakeholders and society in general, through which anyone can notify any suspicion of a potentially criminal or irregular conduct, as well as report any possible breach or violation contrary to ethics, legality and the rules governing the Association.

This communication platform complies with all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations and the Organic Law on Data Protection and the Guarantee of Digital Rights and all communications made through this Ethical Channel management platform will be confidential:

Likewise, when fraud or irregularities are linked to projects or operations financed with public funds, the channel set up for this purpose by the National Anti-Fraud Coordination Service shall be available for any interested person, in accordance with the provisions of the IGAE (Intervención General de la Administración del Estado):