"Atomic resolution: from photons to electrons"

2020/07/17 ON LINE

Internal Seminar

"Atomic resolution: from photons to electrons"

Adriana L.Rojas, PhD

How macromolecules rule the cell, how their malfunction causes disease, how can be hijacked by pathogens and how can we manipulate their functions, are aspects intimately related to their structure. Historically, X-ray crystallography has been the workhorse of structural biology. This technique has been intensively used for the characterization of small molecules in drug-target interactions to improve novel candidates. Unfortunately, obtaining suitable crystals has been a major bottleneck in these analyses. Cryo-electron microscopy bypasses this limitation and with the recent revolution experienced in this field, we can now tackle biological questions in ways as never before. The macromolecular crystallography and the EM platforms at CIC bioGUNE are key infrastructures for structural studies carried by local researchers and industry partners. In this seminar, I will present an overview of the services, infrastructures, and support that the current platform-staff is offering together with some future perspectives.

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