Breast Cancer Solidarity Run-Bilbao 2022

The run against breast cancer organized every year for ACAMBI will take place next October 9th 2022. More than 7,000 people have already got their T-shirt.

The presentation of the run took place on September 22th in Bilbao, including ACAMBI, the director of the Urtzi Gym and Maria dM Vivanco, from CIC bioGUNE.

Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, including diversity among tumours from different patients, but also within a patient´s tumour, which can complicate diagnosis and prognosis and challenge therapy. Tumours include a variety of cells, including cells with properties of stem cells, which have been shown to be implicated in tumour initiation and recurrence.

The Project in progress in the Vivanco group at CIC bioGUNE is studying breast cancer stem cells and their role in development of resistance to hormone therapy, as well as reciprocal interaction with the tumour environment. This research will contribute to characterise novel biomarkers of resistance, further our knowledge of the complex process underlying development of resistance to therapy and, as a consequence, lay the foundation for the future development of improved therapies.

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