3rd edition of the Glycobasque meeting

March 12-13

CIC bioGUNE and CIC biomaGUNE are proud of announcing the 3rd edition of the Glycobasque meeting. The major aim of this workshop is to bring together the different research groups working on Glycosciences within the Basque Country to promote cooperation and synergy on this modern topic of Science.

This year we have expanded our horizons and have arranged a truly international scientific meeting. We are delighted to announce the presence of different world-wide recognized scientists from Europe (Bayreuth, Lübeck, Norwich, Grenoble, Potsdam, Milano, and Göttingen) and the US (New York City and La Jolla), who will deliver keynote lectures according to the enclosed schedule.

Moreover, oral presentations from scientists from different Euskadi Institutions (CIC bioGUNE, CIC biomaGUNE, UPV-EHU, Biofisika, Neiker, Gaiker, Midatech) will also be delivered along with others from participants from Utrecht, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza, and Logroño.

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