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The information and contents on (hereinafter called the WebSite) are protected by Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property, with rights held by ASOCIACIÓN CENTRO DE INVESTIGACIÓN COOPERATIVA EN BIOCIENCIAS (hereinafter called CIC bioGUNE) This WebSite may not be reproduced or published in full or in part, the data herein may not be processed, distributed or disseminated and no rights legally recognised as held by its owner may be exercised without the prior written consent of said owner.

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This Privacy Policy generally regulates the collection and processing by ASOCIACIÓN CENTRO DE INVESTIGACIÓN COOPERATIVA EN BIOCIENCIAS – CIC bioGUNE (hereinafter, “CIC bioGUNE”) of the personal data you provide to us as a user of the website accessible through the domain name, including the blog, social media, Newsletter or any other services or functions available at any time on the WEBSITE. All notwithstanding the specific provisions established in certain sections, forms or services available on the WEBSITE with the purpose of providing you with the pertinent information and, where appropriate, obtaining your consent.

CIC bioGUNE reserves the right to make changes to its PRIVACY POLICY in order to bring it into line with new features in legislation, case and/or administrative law, and to the practices it develops at any time via the WEBSITE, always taking account of your rights and interests.

In any event, CIC bioGUNE will provide you with the adequate technical resources in order that you may access and read the PRIVACY POLICY in order to duly comply with our duty to inform under the applicable data protection regulation. PDF


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  • CIC bioGUNE may make changes in the information on the WebSite and in the configuration and presentation of the site without prior notice.
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    For these purposes, "misleading advertising" shall not include any formal or numerical errors in the contents of the various sections of the WebSite of CIC bioGUNE that might arise as a result of incomplete or faulty maintenance and / or updating of the information contained therein. In accordance with this section, CIC bioGUNE undertakes to correct any such errors as soon as possible after learning of their existence.

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