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The goal of CIC bioGUNE is to bring discoveries to the society by partnering with industry.


Exosomes participate in the Hedgehog gradient formation required in development


Tissue and organ formation require a tight concerted coordination of many different cell types that have to proliferate and differentiate in the right place and moment. For proper development, the organism establishes a...


SIRT1 controls liver regeneration by regulating BA metabolism through FXR and mTOR signaling


Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) is a class III histone deacetylase that tightly controls lipogenesis, protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis, and bile acid (BA) homeostasis. Hence, SIRT1 is considered as a key regulator of cell metabolism. Previous...


Structure of a protein interaction key for microtubule elongation

Cell division involves the segregation of the genetic material into the daughter cells that, when not properly controlled, may produce aberrant chromosomes and lead to cancer. Microtubule elongation plays a key role in the machine that...


S-adenosylmethionine levels regulate the Schwann cell DNA methylome


Axonal myelination is essential for rapid saltatory impulse conduction in the nervous system, and malformation or destruction of myelin sheaths leads to motor and sensory disabilities. Schwann cell myelination is a highly orchestrated...


Protein homeostasis project brings researchers together

Intracellular proteolysis is critical to maintaining cellular homeostasis, and aberrations in this process play a central role in pathologies such as cancers, immune diseases and neurodegenerative conditions. The PROTEOSTASIS project aims to...




3rd Anniversary Lecture Prof. Arun Sanyal (Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Richmond, Virginia)

"Evolving trends in diagnosis and management

Dr. Arun J. Sanyal, M.D., has been Global Principal Investigator of Immuron Limited since May 24, 2011. Dr. Sanyal is a Professor of Medicine and Chairman of Gastroenterology Division at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center in...