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Solid Phase Extraction MALDI-TOF peptide/protein profiling

Solid Phase Extraction MALDI-TOF peptide/protein profiling

This technique is a fast, cheap and straight forward way to analyze the profile of small proteins and peptides in a biological sample. Our protocols are best suited for biofluids such as tear and urine.

Different affinities can be used for solid phase extraction (SPE). In our hands, best results have been achieved with weak cationic exchange and reverse phase. The protein/peptides are purified, desalted and concentrated onto a MALDI target. Alpha-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid (HCCA) is typically used as a matrix and each sample is prepared in quadruplicate. The profile analysis is performed in automatic fashion to eliminate any source of bias, and linear mode to gain in sensitivity. Then, data is processed and different statistic methods can be applied to the data such as principal component analysis and/or nonlinear iterative partial least squares (NIPALS).

This technique has already proved to be useful in our hands and we recently published different studies in this field (see Recent Publications section). We would like to mention the fruitful collaboration with Bioftalmik Applied Reseach, a neighbour biotech company in the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia, in the tear related proteomic studies. We just recently published a paper by using this technique in the new EuPA Open Proteomics Journal (click over the cover to get directed to the article).

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