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About Samples

For molecular weight determination, we recommend that samples are provided in a MALDI-compatible buffer. Nevertheless, we can perform reverse phase microcolumn purification in case the buffer contains salts (please contact Platform members for details).

For protein identification, proteins should be purified from an organism with a sequenced genome

Sensitivity: Our benchmarks for either MALDI or nLC MS/MS is 50 femtomoles of digested protein, although data obtained show us we can go at least ten times lower. The amount of starting material will have direct impact on the quality of identification. For gel bands and/or spots preferred staining are (in decreasing order of preference): Coomassie, fluorescent dye (Sypro, Flamingo) and silver staining. Please note that if silver stain is used for protein detection it should be compatible with mass spectrometry analysis. Please check “Tips” section.

We highly recommend sending samples in Eppendorf brand tubes to avoid plastic polymers contamination.