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Structural Biology Unit - Laboratory 2

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Selected Publications

Jevgenia Tamjar, Elizaveta Katorcha, Alexander Popov & Lucy Malinina; Structural dynamics ofdouble-helical RNAs composed of CUG/CUG- and CUG/CGG-repeats.Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 30, 5, 505-523 (2012).

Samygina VR, Popov AN, Cabo-Bilbao A, Ochoa-Lizarralde B, Goni-de-Cerio F, Zhai X, Molotkovsky JG, Patel DJ, Brown RE, Malinina L.; Enhanced Selectivity for Sulfatide by Engineered Human Glycolipid Transfer Protein.Structure 19, 11, 1644-54 (2011).

Teplova M, Malinina L, Darnell JC, Song J, Lu M, Abagyan R, Musunuru K, Teplov A, Burley SK, Darnell RB, Patel DJ.; Protein-RNA and Protein-Protein Recognition by Dual KH1/2 Domains of the Neuronal Splicing Factor Nova-1..Structure 19, 7, 930-944 (2011).

Kenoth R, Kamlekar RK, Simanshu DK, Gao Y, Malinina L, Prendergast FG, Molotkovsky JG, Patel DJ, Venyaminov SY, Brown RE. ; Conformational Folding and Stability of the HET-C2 Glycolipid Transfer Protein Fold: Does a Molten Globule-like State Regulate Activity?.Biochemistry 50, 23, 5163-5171 (2011).

Carton I, Malinina L, Richter RP; Dynamic modulation of the glycosphingolipid content in supported lipid bilayers by glycolipid transfer protein.Biophys. J. 99,2947-2956 (2010).

Rechkoblit O, Kolbanovskiy A, Malinina L, Geacintov NE, Broyde S, Patel DJ; Mechanism of error-free and semitargeted mutagenic bypass of an aromatic amine lesion by Y-family polymerase Dpo4. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 17, 3, 379-88 (2010).

Kenoth R, Simanshu DK, Kamlekar RK, Pike HM, Molotkovsky JG, Benson LM, Bergen HR 3rd, Prendergast FG, Malinina L, Venyaminov SY, Patel DJ, Brown RE; Structural determination and tryptophan fluorescence of heterokaryon incompatibility C2 protein (HET-C2), a fungal glycolipid transfer protein (GLTP), provide novel insights into glycolipid specificity and membrane interaction by the GLTP-fold. J Biol Chem. 285, 17, 13066-13078 (2010).

Kamlekar RK, Gao Y, Kenoth R, Molotkovsky JG, Prendergast FG, Malinina L, Patel DJ, Wessels WS, Venyaminov SY, Brown RE; Human GLTP: Three distinct functions for the three tryptophans in a novel peripheral amphitropic fold. Biophys. J. 99,2626-2635 (2010).

Rechkoblit O, Malinina L, Cheng Y, Geacintov NE, Broyde S, Patel DJ; Impact of conformational heterogeneity of OxoG lesions and their pairing partners on bypass fidelity by Y family polymerases. Structure 17, 5, 725-36 (2009).

Zhai X, Malakhova ML, Pike HM, Benson LM, Bergen HR 3rd, Sugár IP, Malinina L, Patel DJ, Brown RE.; Glycolipid acquisition by human glycolipid transfer protein dramatically alters intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence: insights into glycolipid binding affinity. J Biol Chem. 284, 20, 13620-8 (2009).